Art is the lie that enables us to realize the truth.” ― Pablo Picasso


poppy © Andreas Hirsch

holla ✌ | via Tumblr on We Heart It.

Hummingbird / more art here
fav blogs? and active please c: i need more blogs to follow. i think you like the bests ones c:
Hello could you recommend some other art/watercolor blogs like yours? Thanks!

Hello! I’m sorry i wish i could be of better help to you but i type in watercolor art in the search bar and reblog stuff that i like and sometimes post random artists’ works i like on flickr and weheartit. 


I loooove your blog!! My second blog tinypapertears is like this too so I share your addiction to pictures & quotes like these :) have a great time blogging!xx

Thank you so much! 

replace by Pedro Lucena on Flickr.
let’s pretend by Gemma Pauwels on Flickr.


me sucking the ego out of a broken-hearted man

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